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A High Performance Stand-alone Probe Appliance that Monitors Network Traffic OmniStream
A High Performance Stand-alone Probe Appliance that Monitors Network Traffic OmniStream

OmniStream is a high-performance appliance, which helps mobile communication networks, especially LTE networks, administrators and user-based intranet/internet data traffic managers capture and analyze data packets in a real-time fashion.

About the Product

OmniStream performs a real-time capture and analysis of signaling and user data packets carried from the control plane and the user data plane of the wired or wireless communication network (e.g. 3G, 4G(LTE)). Coupled with our customer experience quality management system, xInsight, OmniStream presents visibility for the overall network path ranging from an individual customer’s cell phone, to the access network, core network and application. In addition, it supports the establishment of an environment optimal for Network Intelligence and Subscriber Intelligence through Big Data analytics on network quality and traffic, and on customer experience quality management.

Product Advantages

Real-time analysis of all signaling and user data packets through a self-developed, high-performance packet filtering and analysis engine

Offering an environment for end-to-end data flow analytics through correlated packets for each session

Building a service assurance environment independent from vendors of the network equipments by using packet data

Distributed architecture optimized for high-volume traffic processing in real-time

Real-time analysis of captured data packets through self-developed Packet Viewer  

Possible to expand capacity without service shutdown in cases of traffic increase

Key Features

Real-time packet capture and analysis

IMSI-based data processing

Signaling and data packet protocol analysis

Analytics in relation to subscriber information and configuration data

Packet source data view

Expected Effects

Providing fundamental data for a real-time monitoring of the network and application service quality from the customer’s standpoint

Providing a foundation for Network Intelligence and Subscriber Intelligence

Offering individual customer-based network data which can be utilized in a wide range of areas, such as network operations, engineering, and marketing


Real-time signal and data packet capture for the LTE network