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Providing the Best Network Insight and Customer Insight to Improve Service Quality from the Customer Perspective xInsight
Providing the Best Network Insight and Customer Insight to Improve Service Quality from the Customer Perspective xInsight

xInsight is a system designed to monitor the quality of services and applications customers experience, promptly analyze the root cause of quality degradation, and offer a customer experience data analytics environment based on a high-performance probe.

About the Product

xInsight, our customer-oriented, real-time packet analytics system, collects packet data through the taps installed in the wired or wireless data service networks, such as WCDMA and LTE, creates xDRs (eXtended Data Records), which are call logs for packet analysis, for a subscriber unit, and provides an environment for traffic analysis as well as for monitoring the quality of the customer experience in a variety of forms including subscriber/service/application/smart phone/network equipment-specific methods. In addition, it is equipped with our Big Data processing platform, IRIS, which enables the high-speed processing of more than hundreds of terabytes of data per day. This makes it possible to provide the network data required by the operators to realize customer-oriented data analytics in real-time.


Product Advantages

Monitoring and analysis of the LTE service quality from the perspective of both the network operator and the customer

Constantly monitoring the service quality that each subscriber experiences

Easy to analyze the root cause of quality degradation through each subscriber's signaling and user data correlation

Flexible and scalable system application depending on the customers’ network environment (network volume, number of subscribers, requirements etc.)

One-stop Shop with which customers can choose the probe (OmniStream) and xInsight (Big Data processing platform and monitoring/analysis UI features) modules that are only necessary for their own environment

Key Features

Probe-based Packet Capture
(OmniStream Appliance)

LTE signaling and user data packet capture
Packet capture from the wired Internet segments and IDC backbone network

VoLTE packet capture
Subscriber call correlation and xDR (eXtended Data Record) production

Real-time Big Data Processing
(IRIS Big Data DB)

Real-time massive data processing (more than 100 billion sets of data per day)
Distributed storage and high-speed searching of Big Data

Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis
of the Quality of the Customer

Integrated monitoring and analysis of service quality in association with the
network topology

Service call processing, flow-based E2E quality monitoring and analysis
Quality monitoring and analysis for each application
Monitoring and analysis of the service quality customers experience
Analysis of customers’ data service usage patterns

Expected Effects

Contributing to the improvement of customer satisfaction by offering an environment where the customer experience can be managed

Monitoring the quality of each piece of equipment from the perspective of the network operator as well as that of each application from the customer’s point of view

Offering the network equipment and handset verification environment conforming to the standard call procedure

Immediately responding to customer complaints with service quality and taking corrective measures

Expected to utilize the Big Data information on data usage patterns in a wide range of areas such as engineering, marketing, and customer centers

Contributing to the decrease in capital expenditures through the optimization of high-volume, stored data


LTE service quality management based on customer experience

Real-time analysis and call log (xDR) production with the tapping of transmitted user traffic and main signaling flow

Centralized, real-time xDR Big Data processing (150 billion sets of data per day), monitoring data production per minute, and long-term analysis

Improved performance by providing monitoring/analysis data in relation to service assurance, engineering, marketing, and business

Can serve as a core system for network operations and company-wide policy decisions